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About Us

Rod's Auto Detail was founded by Rodney Bruce in 2004. Rodney has been in the auto detail industry since 1976 and  has learned how the right care and knowledge can increase the appearance, and extend the life of any car or truck.  Rodney's skills began to gain notice and he was recruited to major car dealerships such as Hendrix Chevrolet, Sunflower Dodge, Mc Carthy Chevrolet, as well as several smaller dealerships.  Over the years Rodney has learned how to use various capret extractors, steam cleaners, orbitors, and buffers, along with a long list of high quality products. Although with the dealerships Rodney learned the most advanced techniques in auto detail , he never forgot the techniques he learned  all those years ago.  He promised himself to always provide value and outstanding service, regardless of how large his business grew.

Rodney opened Rods Auto Detail  in 2004 out of his two car garage at his home in Olathe. Word of great deals and outstanding service quickly spread throughout the region. Rodney soon ran out of room for his growing business and had to find a larger facility that would allow it to continue growing.

It was the fall of 2006  Rod's Auto Detail opened the doors to a new facility in the heart of downtown Olathe. The new facility has plenty of room to provide service to the public as well as his many dealership contracts. No need to run all over town trying to find the right auto detailer. Rod's Auto Detail cares for all makes and models under one roof. And of course, all of Rod's Auto Details services carry our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

                                                                                      Rod's Auto Detail
                                                                                      Olathe, Kansas
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